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Peruvian Charcoal Broiled Chicken

Tender Smoky and Full Flavor!

And experience many more of

our special dishes !  

Meet Our Customers
Meet Our Customers

Great little Peruvian chicken place located in the back of the Hickory Ridge village center. Roasted chicken was outstanding. Grilled well and tasty. Had the fries and fried plantains on the side (plantains were a one dollar up charge, but well worth it, they were excellent). Good menu. Friendly staff. Definitely recommend.

Meet Our Customers

My family loves the food from Grille Chick'n Pollo and I have some picky eaters. On more than one occasion we've gotten enough super tasty food to feed two adults and two teenage boys for about the same as a fast food joint.

My new favorite food in Columbia. I wish I new about this place 4 years ago. I cant praise the staff enough for being so friendly and fun to be around. The chicken is by far some of the best I have tasted. I am working through their menu each visit, and so far have not been disappointed. Every item has be 10/10. This is the No.1 spot I recommend to all my friends and family now.

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